Mobile service of freight railwagons


Comprehensive servicing of freight wagons. Mobile teams will diagnose and eliminate even the most complicated defects, restoring the wagons to normal usage.


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Professional and mobile railwagon service

service feature 1

our mobile teams can reach to any site in Poland and in neighbouring countries, if necessary

service feature 2

we use the best tools and dedicated spare parts

service feature 3

safety culture is the real basis of our operations in everyday use

service feature 4

repair logic aims to restore rolling stock serviceability ASAP

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service contact 1

Adress: ul. Półłanki 25, 30-740 Kraków

Telephone: +48 12 651 09 00


Bank account: 69 1140 1078 0000 5669 3500 1001

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Igor Marszałek

Production and Service Director


Recognized expert in comprehensive servicing of freight railcars.